Thursday, 18 March 2010

Wednesday, 17th March

The evenings work was a Mark Masters degree for Bros. D Everitt and G Clark.
The degree progressed very well and was thoroughly enjoyed by the candidates.
Thanks from the candidates for the large turnout of visitors and lodge brethren who helped make the evening truely something to remember.


Friday, 5 March 2010

Tracing Boards

Last meeting, instead of a degree the Lodge presented the 3 degree tracing boards to our newest master masons. There was a poor turnout of visitors but strong support from within the Lodge. It was also a chance for our Bro. Inner Guard to deliver some ritual work from the floor for the first time, as he presented the Tracing Board from the 3rd Degree, so well done to Ian! Congratulations also, to Bro Alec on his superb delivery of the 2nd degree board. Sadly PM Davie Barclay could not attend to give his unique rendition of the 1st Board but RWM Craig Roger stood him in a timely manner.

Lodge of Sorrow for Bro Neil Malpass PM

Fife No. 19 recently held a Lodge of Sorrow for P.M.Bro.William Neil Malpass. Several other brethren of lodge 19 were also remembered at this ceremony. At this meeting, a total of 57 brethren signed the tyle. There were visitors from 15 different Lodges, some from Lanarkshire and Midlothian; also present were 6 members of the Provinical Grand Lodge of Fife and Kinross headed by the Provinical Grand Master. A collection for MacMillan Cancer Support realised a sum of £177 which is to be increased to £200 from Lodge No.19 funds.
R.W.M. JH. of Wilsontown Ironworks St. John's Lodge No.236 Forth, Lanarkshire gave a vote of thanks and exchanged fraternal greetings with Lodge No.19, on behalf of all the visiting brethren. The Lodge of Sorrow was a very moving ceremony of remembrance, for our departed brethren.